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PlayDate University is designed to promote leadership, critical thinking, bonding, fitness and self-esteem on college campuses. Our events are very interactive and offer students a chance to simply have FUN while competing and building strong social skills. Games provide a light-hearted recreational experience that add an enriching element to campus life.


Our program serves the campus community by producing quality events that meet the needs of the activities board as

well as the student body. Whether it be Freshmen Orientation, Homecoming, Spring Fest, or any other campus-based event...PlayDate University is the SOLUTION!

We feature classic board games, video games, interactive PlayDate Signature Games, with music, dancing & MUCH MORE!!!

Ask about our special rates for Annual Programs that offer reoccurring monthly events!


We use the classic concept of PLAYING to inspire and encourage student growth. Our events are interactive and high energy, providing an entertaining platform that encourages competition, teamwork, and genuine FUN!


PlayDateUniversity is The Ultimate Student Life Activity!